InstrumentsCeremony17. Instruments -> Coding -> Long Coding Helper

Byte 1, Bit 0 Check
InstrumentsFuel Be Left Gauge MFD+ Display17. Instruments -> Coding -> Long Coding Helper

Byte 10, bit 4 Check
InstrumentsSeat Belt Warning Disabled17. Instruments -> Adaptation -> Channels 10

disable seatbelt waring (Gurtwarner deaktivieren) "Yes" Change
InstrumentsBattery Charging Gauge MFD+ Display17. Instruments -> Adaptation

Battery Charge "active" Change
Central ElectronicTurn Signal ControlsAdaptation -> Turn Signal Controls

New Value Input (1~5)
Central ElectronicRain ClosingAdaptation -> Access Control 2 - Regenschliessen_ein aus (Rain Closing on / off) => Active
Adaptation -> Access Control 2 - Regenschliessen_art (Rain closing Type) => Permanent
Adaptation -> Access Control 2 - Menuesteurerung Regenschliessen (Menu Control Rain Close) => Active
Central ElectronicUse Key Remote Side Mirror FoldingAdaptation -> Access Control 2 - Funk Spiegelanklappen Modus (Mirror folding in remote mode) => Active
Central ElectronicAlarm Horn ActiveAdaptation -> Acknowledgement Signals - Akustische Rueckmeldung entriegen (un-lock acousitc feedback) => Active

Adaptation -> Acknowledgement Signals - Akustische Rueckmeldung verriegeeln (lock acousitc feedback) => Active

Adaptation -> Acknowledgement Signals - Menuesteuerung Akustische Rueckmeldung (Acoustic lock menu) => Active
Central ElectronicFog Light via Living Home/Coming Home EnabledAdaptation -> Comfort-llumination => Fog Light
Central ElectronicDay Time Running Lights Setting via MFD+Adaptation -> Daytime running lights-Tagfahrlicht Aktivierung => Active
Central ElectronicLED Back Plate Light Warning DisabledAdaptation -> Leuchte25KZL HA59-Lasttyp 25 auswahlen => Change Value 43

Adaptation -> Leuchte25KZL HA59-Dimmwert AB 25 auswahlen => Change Value 127
DoorReverse Left Side Mirror Down52. Door Elec. Pass -> Coding -> Long Coding Helper
Byte 4, Bit 2 Check
Byte 4, Bit 3 Check
DoorSide Mirror Folding via Puddle Light Enable42. Door Elec. -+C10:D15> Coding -> Long Coding Helper

Byte 1, Bit 5 Uncheck
※ Central Electronic 락 풀어야지 코딩가능
16. Permissions -> Input 31347 

고속주행 급브레이크시 비상등 또는 ABS 작동시 비상등

09.Cent.Elect->Coding->Long Coding Helper->Byte 16->Bit 0, Bit1 체크


헤드라잇 워셔액 비활성화

09.Cent.Elect->Coding->Long Coding Helper->Byte 20->Bit 5 Headlight Washer Enabled


안개등 코너링램프

09.Cent.Elect->Coding->Long Coding Helper->Byte 14, Bit 7


사이드미러 외부열선 적용시간연장

09.Cent.Elect->Adaptation->select “Rear Window & Outside Heater Activation Time”


Cluster Staging / Gauge Needle Sweep(시동시 게이지 춤추기)

17-Instruments->Adaptation->Staging =>active로 변경


안전벨트 경고등 삭제

17.Instruments->Coding->Long Coding Helper->Byte 1->SeatBelt Warning active/installed Uncheck


깜박이 회수 조정

09.Cent.Elect->Adaptation->select “Comfort Turn Signals (cycles).” or Goto Channel 31

적용이 바로 안되는 경우에는 In the MFI/MFD (instrument cluster menu), go to Settings-->Lights and vision--> Factory setting.  At the prompt "Set to factory settings for lights & vision?", select OK. 


46.Central Conv.->Coding->Byte 2. bit 2 Comfort Turn Signals check


전후방 감지기 소리조정

76.Parking Aid->Adaptation->Front Buzzer Volume


레인클로징(블모 버전 작동안함)

09.Cent.Elect->Coding->콤보의 가장 아래항목 선택(RLS)   

Bit 2(Rain Closing Active) 선택   

Bit 5(Rain Closing inactive) 해제

2. 46.Central Conv.->Coding->콤보의 기본 선택->Long Coding Helper(BCM)   

byte 9: Select 02 "Rain closing active"

3. 46.Central Conv.->Coding->Byte 7 for "Comfort Function after authorized Access only for a limited Time" and uncheck that box.   

 check "Comfort Function automatic Closing" in Byte 6

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